What are people saying about Sheryl Faye Presents Historical Women:

Helen Keller

The Progressive School, New York – We were just treated to a performance on the life of Helen Keller from her own point of view, and it turned out to be much more than we anticipated. Sheryl Faye brought Helen Keller to life, eliciting gasps, tears and cheers from her rapt audience, from the youngest child to the oldest staff member. It was a very moving performance, seamlessly weaving background narration and slides with pantomime and props. Thoroughly researched and professionally delivered, we just can’t wait to have Miss Faye back to share the lives of the other women in her repertoire! I must add that I have never seen our students so completely riveted to a presenter. The time went by so quickly that I couldn’t believe when it was up, and I didn’t want it to be over. ~ Eric Jacobson, Director

Derry Village School – Sheryl has been coming here for years. Each year I am blown away at how her Helen Keller presentation captivates the entire audience! Amazing performance! ~ Sandi WardEvery year we are blown away by the Helen Keller presentation! The presentation keeps the attention of all types and all levels of learners. Sheryl Faye please come back next year! ~ 4th grade teacher

Excellent audio presentation, characterization very engaging, good visual of sign language, love the humor ~ 4th grade teacher

Delaney Vogel School – Sheryl has been brilliantly performing as Helen Keller for many years for our 3rd graders. This spring, as always, the children were spellbound as Sheryl brought Helen to life. For 45 minutes 150 eight years olds were silently enthralled as they went on a journey through Helen’s life. Sheryl makes Helen’s struggles and triumphs real for the students. After the performance the children reflected upon Helen’s life. Sheryl’s performance sparked further questions and comments about Helen’s bravery and courage. One student was heard exclaiming, “I forgot that wasn’t actually Helen Keller!” ~ Sarah Shaw, teacher

Bailey School – You are a fabulous Actor! Your creative performance captivated the attention of all of my students. Thank you for bringing her wonderful story to life!

Ivan Smith School, Danvers – The Helen Keller show was wonderful! Great performer, so professional and kids learned so much! Thank you! ~ Janice Foley Rinella

The Helen Keller show was amazing! The students (K-5) watched in amazement throughout the entire show, learning about the life of Helen Keller. Parents commented what a great show it was and that their children came home and shared facts that they had learned during the show. Highly recommend this performance! ~ Jamie Sobolesky Brogna

Francis Wyman Elementary, Burlington MA – The Helen Keller performance at our school was… Meg: Tender, funny, and educational. Anita: Creative, great acting, realistic. Lisa: Engaging and mesmerizing. Lynne: Her performance was outstanding and engaging at all times.  Students enjoyed asking questions at the end, and it was clear how much Sheryl cares about children.

Mass Public School System – Today’s show on Helen Keller  was outstanding. The Actress was excellent and many thought she was really blind and deaf. ~ Mrs. Norton

Fuller Meadow School, Middleton – Thank you so much for your outstanding performance here at The Fuller Meadow School. It was well received by all the children and it was easy to see that the teachers, staff and parents enjoyed it as well. Your portrayal of Helen Keller was so well balanced with regards to the historical education and theatrical aspect of your performance. You were able to successfully engage, entertain and educate our children which are the criteria the Middleton PTO looks for when bringing Enrichment Programs to our top rated elementary school. It was also a great way to compliment Disability Awareness portion of our curriculum. Your performance was emotional and really brought to life the struggles Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan faced throughout their partnership. It was so successful that the second grade team has already requested that we bring you back next year.
Thank you for all of the education and entertainment you have provided for us in recent years. We find your performance fee reasonable and well worth the cost. It was great to work with you Sheryl; you make my position an easy one! We look forward to seeing you next year! ~ Marlene Clapp, MPTO VP Curriculum Enrichment

Jaworek Elementary School, Marlboro – Bravo again this year for Helen Keller. The children actually thought you were a blind and deaf girl. This is a unique and amazing way to help our second graders learn about biographies, disabilities and accepting differences. Everything was perfect! Loved it!

The Stadium School, Cranston RI – Fantastic performance! She was so good. The children were very interested ~ 1st grade teacher

Excellent portrayal of Helen Keller, Good props, Audio was clear, Kids were entranced ~ 2nd grade teacher

Very realistic, great portrayal, Great slideshow, very informative ~ 3rd grade teacher

Very realistic, engaged students, interactive, informative ~ 4th grade teacher

Very realistic and was interesting. Was very detailed and informational ~ 6th grade teacher

Westford Elementary Schools – Thank you so much for coming back to Westford! We so enjoyed your show! Having never seen your Helen Keller performance, I was especially thrilled to see how engaged the kids were throughout the show and how many wanted to ask questions afterwards. I even had parents commenting on how their kids raved about Helen Keller at home. We hope to see you again next year! ~ Betsy Metters

The Grace Farrar Cole School, Norwell – Great job! I felt an emotional connection with Helen Keller through this performance and it was clear my students did as well! I predict they will always remember her role in history. Thank you ~ Mrs. Knoroler

Hill-Roberts Elementary School Attleboro – You were fantastic! All 500 of our students were in awe of your Helen Keller, great job! ~ Wendy Czebrowski Smith

My 7 year old son was telling me about your performance and he was impressed! That’s not easy! Thank you ~ Katherine Codella

Tewksbury Public Library – Your performance was pure genius! I thought I was really watching the real Helen Keller.

Joshua Eaton School, Reading – To kick off our biography unit we have had a Helen Keller performance come for many years. I can speak for the grade 2 team in saying that the performance is educational, entertaining and simply excellent! This is our favorite enrichment program! ~ 2nd grade teacher

The Ward School, Newton – I have read and seen movies about Helen but nothing was as captivating as your performance. You were incredible! ~ Vicki Spetter PTO Coordinator

We were wowed by Sheryl Faye’s performance of the Helen Keller story. The storyline was well thought out and executed by Sheryl. Our first graders were completely engaged. The program was interesting, informative and inspirational. I would highly recommend it. ~ Lori Belz, Creative Arts and Sciences

Francis Wyman School, Burlington – You get better every year! ~ Anita Mason, Librarian

The Center School, Chelmsford – I never get tired of seeing you! I cry every year! ~ 2nd grade teacher

Nabnasset School, Westford – Very engaging presentation. The children were so interested in the whole show. Very informative ~ 2nd grade teacher

Leominster High School – The presentation was outstanding! Students were able to understand and appreciate the information that was being portrayed. Sheryl did her role magnificently. I hope she was just as pleased with her accommodations like we were with her talent, outstanding job! ~ Teacher

Holy Name Parish School, Boston – The performer was excellent. I really thought she was Helen Keller. Best actress to date for our school. Outstanding performance ~ Mrs. Lynne Workman Principal

Fabulous presentation as always! ~ 3rd grade teacher

Great, informative, enjoyed by all! ~ 3rd grade teacher

Woodsdale School, Abington – Sheryl Faye’s portrayal of Helen Keller was superb! Thank you for sending such an amazing talent to our school! ~ Teacher

Our fifth and sixth graders were completely mesmerized due to the immense talent of the actor, Sheryl Faye. You have brought to life what most only read about. ~ Christine Sullivan, Teaching specialist ~ 6th grade teacher

Fabulous! A great lesson in accepting differences and understanding multiple intelligences ~ 6th grade teacher

Colonial Park at Senior Center Stoneham – Amazing! The actress was Helen Keller from the moment she came on stage. The students and adults were riveted from start to finish. We loved it! ~ 5th grade teacher

Tobin Montessori School, Cambridge – Excellent Helen Keller presentation, realistic, well prepared, very engaging, Bravo! ~ 2nd grade Teacher

Great show. Our class’s eyes were glued to the performer the whole time! Nice work! ~ 2nd grade Teacher

Outstanding! The children were completely engaged the entire time! ~ 2nd grade teacher
Your performance of Helen Keller was powerful and the perfect amount of time.

South Memorial School, Peabody – Great program! The actress was wonderful! All went very smoothly. At one point a teacher’s aide actually asked me if the actress was blind and deaf! ~ Teacher

Pentucket Lake School, Haverhill – Wonderful show today! The children loved every moment. Thank you for bringing Helen Keller to life. Perfect for some of the challenges our students face ~ 4th grade Teacher

Realistic, True, Descriptive, great, funny, amazing, sad, fantastic, outstanding, interesting, unfortunate one- of-a-kind, exciting, wonderful, supertastic! ~ 4th grade teacher

Infant Jesus, Nashua NH – The students and I greatly enjoyed this performance. The actress who played Helen Keller did an excellent job of conveying the frustration Helen felt as a child. The students felt Helen’s life was very sad. We all would like to meet more characters this way. ~ 2nd grade teacher

Willett School, Attleboro – Fabulous as always~ 2nd grade teacher
Helen Keller program was excellent! Slides are a good touch to connect real photos for children. “Helen” is totally believable, students are engaged the whole performance. ~ 2nd grade teacher

The children were totally enthralled! The actress was fabulous – so convincing they did not believe that she was an actress when she came out of character. The format works so well. We all got teary eyed. ~ 2nd grade teacher

Estabrook School, Lexington – This program is a great interactive learning opportunity for the students. The performance is wonderful. ~ 2nd grade teacher

Well done! Kids always enjoy the performance, and learn in the process. ~2nd grade teacher

Fabulous Actress. Presented disabilities of deafness & blindness in a sensitive, respectful manner that held the students attention. Would definitely want her back! ~ 2nd grade teacher

I thought the story and actress were fabulous. I don’t think she blinked for 45 minutes, though I know that’s not possible. I’m just blown away with how life like and realistic the story telling and acting were. We will certainly consider asking her to return. It dovetails wonderfully with our current study of disabilities and our spring study of biographies. ~ Mrs. Gee, 2nd grade teacher

Saint Michaels, Lowell – The actress was so great that we really thought that she was blind and deaf. The actress did a fantastic job; she even spoke like a deaf person. ~ Mary Regan, 8th grade teacher
This program was insightful, educational, and entertaining. The performer held the attention of the audience. There was a nice mix of action, audio, and visual effects, ~ Social Studies teacher 6-8
The show was wonderful. I think children at every level could get something out of it. The way the actress performed allowed the children to truly see how blind and deaf people live their lives. ~ 3rd grade teacher
Excellent, kept the students attention-Actress was superb. ~ 2nd grade teacher

Broadmeadow School, Needham – The Actress portrayed Helen’s life so realistically. I can’t think of a better was to launch Disability Awareness. I appreciated how thoughtful the actress was with her responses to the children’s questions. ~ Kelly Corbett 3rd grade teacher

The actress was amazing! ~ Meredith Friend 1st grade teacher

Well done, well acted, very moving. ~ 4th grade teacher, Amy Flak

The show described Helen Keller’s life so realistically. It was very well acted. It had a memorable effect on the classes. ~ Monica Staley, Kindergarten teacher

The actress was amazingly convincing in her representation of Helen Keller. Thank you! This was a wonderful, worthwhile, meaningful lesson. We loved it and will remember it! ~ C.Prout Kindergarten teacher

Cleveland Elementary– This was a fabulous assembly-very informative and kept students attention!~ 4th grade teacher

Loved the program! It was so realistic and perfect for this age group to better understand her ~ C.Nichols

Governor Winslow School, Marshfield – My students were completely absorbed by the presentation. Afterwards, I asked them to write about Helen’s life and what they thought it would be like to be blind and deaf. There responses were detailed and thoughtful. Thank you! ~ 4th grade teacher

The students were captivated by your performance. I enjoyed it as well. ~ 5th grade teacher

We loved it. The children enjoyed it. Helen did a wonderful job of keeping the young children engaged. The background information suggestions were very helpful. ~ 1st grade teacher

You did a great job portraying Helen Keller. Thank you. The children loved it! ~ 2nd grade teacher

Mitchell School, Needham – The actor was truly believable. The kids thought she was really blind and deaf. They were riveted & moved by the performance! ~ Emily Dreifus 4th grade teacher

The actress was incredible and her performance was compelling. ~ M. Sampson 1st grade teacher

The actress who played the part of Helen Keller was wonderful; the students seemed to feel the full range of Helen’s emotions from frustration to joy. All students were 100% fully engaged. It was evident by the students’ facial expressions. They never took their eyes off of Helen. I would not have guessed that the students in grade 1 would have the maturity to understand Helen’s journey. Clearly, they could because the program was so well done! ~ 1st grade teacher, Ms. Barbara Hayden

Mitchell Middle School, East Bridgewater – Thank you for a wonderful performance. It provided the students with valuable insights as to how others may be different yet so much like them and how we all have our strengths & weaknesses. Well done! ~ 4th grade teacher
The actress who portrayed Helen Keller was outstanding! She was so convincing that the students were astonished when she began speaking to them at the end! It was very interesting and intriguing. ~ 4th grade teacher

Mt. Hope School, Burlington – Great job! The children were really pulled into the character. ~ Kindergarten teacher

This was an amazing performance. To keep my first graders enthralled for 45 minutes is quite an accomplishment. She not only portrayed Helen Keller but she made her come to life. I would recommend this program! ~ 1st grade teacher

Thank you so much for another wonderful program! Helen Keller was amazing and the students were certainly engaged throughout the presentation. Great program! ~ Principal

Miller School, Westford – Thank you so much. I love this program. Please come back! It’s amazing- my kids learned so much! ~ 2nd grade teacher

Malcolm White School, Woburn – You had 100% of the attention of the room. The children watched in awe and learned so much. ~ 2nd grade teacher
This was fantastic! The actor was very believable and the children are going to remember this for a long time. Helen Keller really came to life. The children were engaged and learned a lot. ~ Kindergarten teacher

Delaney School, Wrentham – Another captivating performance. The students were amazed and so attentive! ~ 3rd grade teacher

Awesome as always. The students were at full attention through the whole presentation. ~ 3rd grade teacher

Lynn Woods School, Lynn – Excellent performance! Very moving! ~ 3rd grade teacher

Connery School, Lynn – Kudos to you Sheryl Faye. You brought Helen Keller to life right here in our school gym. I need to purchase a lot more Helen Keller biographies; I know the kids will be asking for them. ~ Librarian

Great show for teaching “obstacles” and overcoming them for our students. The students will be able to connect this biography with other characters.

St. Mary’s, Milton – Sheryl is an incredible Actress. The performance was powerful and amazing. Excellent! ~ Ms. King

South Elementary School – Our visit from Helen Keller was amazing! Sheryl truly took on the persona of Helen, and she tailored the performance to the grade level of the children. This performance was so convincing that many of the children thought that they were truly meeting Helen, herself. What a way to teach tolerance and American history at the same time! ~  Mary McMorrow Eastwood, M.Ed., Principal

Amvet Blvd. Elementary, North Attleboro – The Principal made a point to say to come out of her office to say that it was FANTASTIC!  She said that it was the biggest and best feedback she has received on a program thus far…  The teachers said that they were wondering if you were really blind.  The students were thoroughly convinced too!  Two huge thumbs up!

Eleanor Roosevelt

Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum – “Sheryl Faye Presents Historical Women” provided a superb experience for the patrons of the Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum. Sheryl portrayed Eleanor Roosevelt in such a manner that truly brought her and her passions alive to the audience. She was engaging and spectacular. Her professionalism and research was evident through the interpretation. What I loved most about her performance was that she humanized Mrs. Roosevelt, by bringing the viewer through the stages of her life, and was still able to capture the strength and courage of Eleanor, which made her the “First Lady of the World”. The Susan B Anthony booked two other performances for the next two years immediately following the event because of the great reviews by the audience. ~ Colleen Janz, Executive Director

Parkway Elementary School, New York – Thank you for your wonderful portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt today at the Parkway Elementary school. My third grade class was captivated by your performance and it was a perfect addition to our study of women’s history. After coming back to our classroom, my students were able to recall many of the details of Eleanor’s life and understand the impact of her important contributions to our country. History is often loss these days of excessive and often mindless texting, but your live performance provided students with knowledge they will be able to “connect” to, for many years to come. My students had much to say about what they learned today. Thank you so much for a great learning experience! ~ Larry, teacher

Nokia – Sheryl Faye came today to portray Eleanor Roosevelt. She was so interesting. I was completely caught up in her portrayal.  It was a wonderful performance, one I would see again. Thank you for sharing your talents with us today! ~ Nancy Gresham

SHS Community – Thank you for sharing another wonderful performance with SHS- this time as Eleanor Roosevelt. As always, the audience was captivated by your theatrical talents and enjoyed learning about Eleanor. ~The SHS Community

Douglas Elementary School  – Very authentic. Kept the children captivated.Portal was appropriate to the audience level. Stellar performance! Great job responding to children’s questions. ~ Nancy Doyle

Cole School, Norwell – Use of slides, costumes, props, and wigs really enhanced the presentation for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed it and learned much more about this amazing woman! ~ Linda Joy

The Children were engaged the entire time. Material was right on target for their age. ~ Jennifer Bretsch

St. Joseph School – Educational as well as very entertaining. The audience loved to watch you transform from Eleanor the adult into a child. It was very interesting and held everyone’s attention.

Canton Public Schools – Sheryl Faye did an awesome job presenting Eleanor Roosevelt’s life history. The students were mesmerized by her performance. ~ Margaret Surran

The Melrose, Cape Cod – We appreciated your wonderful acting ability and that you shared it with us. Your portrayal of Eleanor was right on! We got choked up at times. You are so gifted! ~ The Board of Directors

Sacred Heart School, Weymouth – Extremely well done! Fast paced and done at a level that both interests and engages the students Fantastic performance. Awesome! ~ M. Yavorsky

The Hills-Robert School, Attleboro – the Presentation was great! The children loved it and came back to the classroom still talking about it. It was a very engaging program. Sheryl did an awesome job! ~ Staff

John F Kennedy School, Canton -Sheryl Faye did an awesome job presenting Eleanor Roosevelt’s life history. The students and staff were mesmerized by her performance. ~ Margaret Surran

Governor Winslow School, Marshfield – Thank you again for providing GWS with a fantastic assembly. ~ Annemarie, Enrichment Coordinator.

Wonderful performance, the children enjoyed it. Thank you for meeting with us. ~ Kindergarten
We loved it. The children enjoyed it. Helen did a wonderful job keeping the young children engaged. The background information suggestions were very helpful. ~ Mr. Gallagher, First Grade

My students were completely absorbed by the presentation. Afterwards, I asked them to write about Helen’s life and what they thought it would be like to be blind and deaf. There responses were detailed and thoughtful. Thank you! ~ Fourth Grade

Students were captivated by your performance. I enjoyed it as well. ~ Fifth Grade

My kids came home yesterday raving about your performance. Best part is they learned so much about Eleanor Roosevelt. ~ Parent

Clara Barton

Auburn Historical Society – We had the pleasure of attending a performance in which Sheryl Faye dramatized the life of Clara Barton, founder of The American Red Cross. Her production was a masterful combination of image, action and narrative. Not only did she depict the life of Clara Barton, she made vivid the society in which that life was lived. Sheryl’s presentation focused on the social issues of 150 years ago and quickens the understanding and appreciation of how those issues were dealt with. Her historical authentic portrayal reveals Clara Barton’s inspiring humanitarianism; a life fueled by determination to alleviate suffering brought about by conflict and crisis. Sheryl is a professional. She quickly transformed the ordinary room into a convincing theater with set and sound. She is a pleasure to work with: flexible and efficient. Her interactions with our diverse group were warm and informative. She would be a boon to any classroom! ~ Anna Howe Stead, Teacher

Clara Barton Day, Dansville NY  – Sheryl, Your performance was fantastic. The people who saw it told me they thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank again for coming to the birthplace of the First Chapter of the Red Cross in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. ~ Ken, Clara Barton Day Event Coordinator

Burgess School, Sturbridge – Excellent presentation- the students were captivated! Very informative, ties in well with the 3rd grade curriculum. ~ 3rd Grade teacher

The Chickering School, Dover – On behalf of the PTO, I would like to thank you for the wonderful presentation of Clara Barton; our 3rd graders were completely entranced during Sheryl’s entire performance. However, even more fabulous is the knowledge, understanding and hopefully inspiration they gained from her story. ~ Karen Gardner 3rd grade Enrichment Coordinator

South Range School, Derry NH  – Students were engaged and attentive. Clara was very animated. She spoke clearly and was loud enough.

Fascinating aging process. Loved the “How can we help?” vibe and the strong woman perspective. ~ 1st Grade Teachers

I really enjoyed it! I think its a great way to learn about someone like Clara Barton. Great performance! ~ 5th Grade Teacher

Goodyear School, Woburn MA – Excellent Portrayal and life lessons, loved the costumes, very authentic.

I always enjoy your programs and think it is a great way to bring history and important people to life.

Douglas School, Douglas MA– Excellent tie into our biography from MA.

The Franco American School, Lowell – You were superb! You could have heard a pin drop!

Foxborough Public Schools – Well done, kept the first graders interest. ~ 1st grade teacher

Laura Ingalls Wilder

South Range School – Fascinating aging process, loved it. A great Strong woman perspective.

I really liked it. I think it’s a great way to learn about someone like Clara Barton. Great performance.

Bicentennial School, Nashua NH – The students loved how she talked/acted out each book in detail. It felt so real. Amazing how you can act out a persons biography. Loved the expressions-felt like we were actually there. Loved the sounds effects to create the other characters. ~ 4th Grade Teacher

Warren School – Loved it! Great for this grade level! It was age appropriate, engaging, kept students interested, nice job! ~ 2nd grade teacher

I thought the program was very engaging and interactive. The kids really enjoyed it as did! ~ 2nd Grade Teacher

I thought the program was very engaging and interactive. The kids really enjoyed it as did I! ~2nd grade teacher

Charlotte Avenue School – Very engaging and informative! ~ 3rd grade teacher

Very nice job! The children loved the presentation! ~ 3rd grade teacher

I thought Laura Ingalls Wilder was wonderful, fit right in with the curriculum and would love to have her come back next year to see something different. Thank you so much, the children loved it as well and I had many students ask to read her books.” ~3rd grade teacher

Galligan Elementary – We enjoyed your performance very much. All the students were very attentive and learned a great deal about Laura Ingalls ~ Lucy Sallaway

Amelia Earhart

Stanley School – The presentation was fantastic! The students were engaged and attentive. Sheryl Faye is professional and enthusiastic! We really enjoyed the performance.

Our class loved this presentation. It made them invested in learning more about Amelia and interested in other women the actress said she plays. It was a great performance.

F.A. Cleveland School – I loved the presentation! It was tremendously engaging and captured the story of Amelia Earhart.

Anne Frank

It was a tremendously engaging performance that captured the story of Anne Frank perfectly! ~ Carrie LaRue

Lancaster School – Well done. Performance was excellent! The performance has definitely sparked their interest and I am looking forward to seeing their continued enthusiasm. Thank you!

Martinson Elementary School – Excellent performance! Anne Frank’s story was well portrayed and engaging from beginning to end. The conclusion of the show was very powerful and caught me off guard even though I knew what was coming. ~ Chantal Frenette, teacher

Cooperative Middle School – This presentation was well done. It kept me captivated from start to finish. It highlighted and summarized how real people were affected by Nazi cruelty.

I thought it was a very powerful play. It was very informative and it really showed you what these women went through!

We loved the different characters perspectives. You are a great actress and shared your emotion with us and made us feel it too. Your timing was excellent!

Brighton Public Library –

Sheryl Faye does a marvelous job in bringing Anne Frank’s experience
vividly to life. The props that she uses and recordings  also enhances the performance.
Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

Alan Babner,Adult Services Librarian–Brighton

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