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Sheryl Faye Presents Historical Women is proud to present six one-woman shows about Helen KellerClara Barton Eleanor Roosevelt,  Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne Frank, and Amelia Earhart, *New* Fall 2017 Sally Ride which ties into STEM, and coming  February 2018 Abigail Adams! These shows are currently performed at schools, historical societies, camps, libraries, senior centers, ladies organizations and more. These shows are perfect for school Enrichment Programs and any other Historical themed events, bringing history alive for children and adults alike. Read more about Sheryl’s historical women.

Recent Show Feedback:

Sally Ride

“Thank you so much for your presentation of Sally Ride. I was unsure at first if you could top your Helen Keller presentation from last year, but I quickly learned that you are a master teacher and actor. The children learned so much from your presentation and it was super engaging. As you can see in the pictures, the children were glued to your every word.
The message you sent that everyone can be a scientist regardless of your sex or interest was powerful. You asked the children what were some of their interests. You said “if you like make up, you could be a make up scientist”. This debunked the myth that scientists can only work in a lab finding obscure cures for illnessess. Your message that everyone can be a scientist (whatever your passion may be) resonates with our current educational push and need for STEM instrustion in the classroom.” ~ Lizette Crowley, 2nd grade teacher

“We were totally inspired, once again, by your extremely convincing performance, this time, of Sally Ride, a true American hero! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” ~ Lois Gordon 2nd grade teacher

I really enjoyed this one. I loved how lessons on kindness were threaded throughout her biography. The science experiments done on the fly were also fun and kept the kids entertained. Great job as always, Sheryl  ~ St. Christophers School Nashua NH

Helen Keller

I am the new Director at Hanover Council on Aging. I booked Sheryl based on the recommendation of my staff. I was unsure what this particular performance “Helen Keller” would be like, but being a HUGE Helen Keller fan since childhood I went with it. I AM SOO GLAD I DID!!!! This performance was amazing!!! Sheryl is a great actress! The staff and audience felt every emotion portrayed! I cannot say enough about great things about her! I will be passing her name on to my fellow Directors today! Thank you Sheryl! You are a truly amazing artist!!

Ms Faye captivated the entire audience, including the youngsters. She made us laugh and she definitely brought tears to our eyes when Helen’s teacher finally broke through to the deaf and blind girl with her sign for “water”. Ms Faye captured the moment of Helen Keller’s awakening vividly and realistically. We look forward to having Sheryl Faye return to Lancaster with more performances about historical women in the future. A true professional, Sheryl was easy to work with from beginning to end. We cannot recommend her highly enough as an artist and performer. ~ Karen Silverthorn, Assistant Director, Thayer Memorial Library, Lancaster

The Progressive School, New York – We were just treated to a performance on the life of Helen Keller from her own point of view, and it turned out to be much more than we anticipated. Sheryl Faye brought Helen Keller to life, eliciting gasps, tears and cheers from her rapt audience, from the youngest child to the oldest staff member. It was a very moving performance, seamlessly weaving background narration and slides with pantomime and props. Thoroughly researched and professionally delivered, we just can’t wait to have Miss Faye back to share the lives of the other women in her repertoire! I must add that I have never seen our students so completely riveted to a presenter. The time went by so quickly that I couldn’t believe when it was up, and I didn’t want it to be over. ~ Eric Jacobson, Director

Derry Village School – Sheryl has been coming here for years. Each year I am blown away at how her Helen Keller presentation captivates the entire audience! Amazing performance! ~ Sandi Ward

Every year we are blown away by the Helen Keller presentation! The presentation keeps the attention of all types and all levels of learners. Sheryl Faye please come back next year! ~ 4th grade teacher

Eleanor Roosevelt

Susan B Anthony Museum – “Sheryl Faye Presents Historical Women” provided a superb experience for the patrons of the Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum. Sheryl portrayed Eleanor Roosevelt in such a manner that truly brought her and her passions alive to the audience. She was engaging and spectacular. Her professionalism and research was evident through the interpretation. What I loved most about her performance was that she humanized Mrs. Roosevelt, by bringing the viewer through the stages of her life, and was still able to capture the strength and courage of Eleanor, which made her the “First Lady of the World”. The Susan B Anthony booked two other performances for the next two years immediately following the event because of the great reviews by the audience. ~ Colleen Janz, Executive Director

SHS Community – Thank you for sharing another wonderful performance with SHS- this time as Eleanor Roosevelt. As always, the audience was captivated by your theatrical talents and enjoyed learning about Eleanor. ~The SHS Community

Douglas Elementary School – Very authentic. Kept the children captivated.Portal was appropriate to the audience level. Stellar performance! Great job responding to children’s questions. ~ Nancy Doyle

Clara Barton

Auburn Historical Society – We had the pleasure of attending a performance in which Sheryl Faye dramatized the life of Clara Barton, founder of The American Red Cross. Her production was a masterful combination of image, action and narrative. Not only did she depict the life of Clara Barton, she made vivid the society in which that life was lived. Sheryl’s presentation focused on the social issues of 150 years ago and quickens the understanding and appreciation of how those issues were dealt with. Her historical authentic portrayal reveals Clara Barton’s inspiring humanitarianism; a life fueled by determination to alleviate suffering brought about by conflict and crisis. Sheryl is a professional. She quickly transformed the ordinary room into a convincing theater with set and sound. She is a pleasure to work with: flexible and efficient. Her interactions with our diverse group were warm and informative. She would be a boon to any classroom! ~ Anna Howe Stead, Teacher

Clara Barton Day, Dansville NY – Sheryl, Your performance was fantastic. The people who saw it told me they thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank again for coming to the birthplace of the First Chapter of the Red Cross in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. ~ Ken, Clara Barton Day Event Coordinator

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Bicentennial School, Nashua NH – The students loved how she talked/acted out each book in detail. It felt so real. Amazing how you can act out a persons biography. Loved the expressions-felt like we were actually there. Loved the sounds effects to create the other characters. ~ 4th Grade Teacher

Warren School – Loved it! Great for this grade level! It was age appropriate, engaging, kept students interested, nice job! ~ 2nd grade teacher

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More About Sheryl Faye’s Historical Women Performance

Sheryl Faye is a historical performer presenting school assembly productions of historical women, including Helen Keller, Clara Barton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sally Ride, Abigail Adams, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Amelia Earhart, and Anne Frank, portraying them as strong character role models for students in grades K-8. Programs complement the Social Studies, Science and Language Arts curricula, Biographies, History. Her historical perspectives on these women give students a first-hand look at these historical character role models through school assemblies and performances. She also performs for Historical Societies, Libraries, Senior Centers, Girl Scouts, All Women’s groups, and more!